Date Filter - Predefined Values - Custom Replacement

Tal Mickel shared this idea 3 years ago
Not Planned

Hey guys,

There's a UX flaw that bugs us much and requires us to teach our users to locate it down the list.

The image below is a predefined values from a Date filter. We use it when we want to set up a user prompt filter and choose a full, dynamic month.

It also has the custom option, where it lets the users to choose their own dates.

However, the custom option is way down the list.

It would be great to move it up to the top for an easy access and fast finding of this value.


Dor & Tal


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Dor and Tal,

Thanks for giving us the heads up on this. However, we believe that this is an intentional design decision that was made as to be consistent with other areas of the product and UI/UX practices. Additionally, we've frequently seen other similarly styled menus across the spectrum of applications and interfaces that put the 'Custom' option(s) at the bottom of the list. For these reasons, this particular idea is going to be marked as 'Not Planned'. Apologies for any inconvenience, but for the time being you will have to continue letting users know they can scroll to find this item.

Thanks for your understanding on this one, let us know if you have any questions!