Date Filter Format - Take from user profile settings

Abhijeet Teli shared this idea 11 months ago
Awaiting Reply

At the moment date filter formats come from the view, and there is no way to further format. Would like the filter to display with the settings from the users profile regional settings, and then allow the user the change further at the report level if need be.

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Thanks Abhijeet,

I've gone ahead and logged this idea internally, though I can say at this point in time there are no immediate plans to address this.

I can tell you that if there is any movement I'll let you know.

Though please let me know if there was anything else you were after in the meantime.




Hi Abhijeet,

After getting this reviewed by the devs, we're wondering if there could be a better option here.

We would think that most users would want the filter formats to appear based on their regional preference, though at the same time, we would need to ensure that any columns used in the report, also use that same format.

So we're thinking to make this easier for everyone.

Lets have a column setting at the view level that says 'base format on regional settings'. This means when that field is dragged into the report, either as a column or filter, it shows based on the regional settings.

At the same time if the admin decides certain fields need to retain a specific format, they will not tick this option.

This negates any need for changing the filter format at the report level.

Sound like a feasible option to you?