Date conversion as European Standard

Sagar Vavhal shared this idea 2 years ago
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  • time representation in the reporting list cannot be influenced / set to 24h format – still AM/PM
  • date representation shows the British “/” separator.


We would like to see the date format as highlighted in screen shot as per European standard.

Also the translation for filter / user prompt to be translated as per regional settings.


Example for German locale there is a lack of translation in the filter section after having opened a report (yellow marked) – should be “Datum”, not “Date”


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Hi Sagar,

I have raised the product idea for the ability to view the timestamp on the browse page in 24hr time.

However in terms of 'Date' not being translated, that text is actually coming from your field I believe, so the field itself needs to be translated. I have checked in both 9.7.1 and 8.0.11:


Am I missing something?




Hi David,

I have already added a translation for the field in TranslationText table, however does not seems to help.



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