Data incorrectly displayed in Reporting chart

Sunhith shared this problem 2 years ago

In chart we are using date field on x -axis.

We noticed that the spacing between dots on x-axis is not same always. ( Inconsistent ) and also the date value is partially display in chart.

Please refer attached screenshots ( Any suggestions ?)

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Screenshots *attached


Hi Sunhith,

Thanks for reaching out.

I can say the scale is generated based on the data set we are using. For example: We get a dot for each day if we are looking at week and have days as the unit.

But if we are looking at a year and have days as units, we will get months/quarter points as it would be overwhelmed to show days(too many).

In the first screenshot (x1.png), Data for 1week ==> Scale: each day

Whereas, in the third screenshot(x3.png), Data for 1month ==> Scale: each week

As for the date cutting off, while I cannot directly replicate the same but I could manage to replicate a similar issue at the end of the axis where the last digit is being cut off (refer to chart.png). We do have existing task with the Dev team which I have linked to this ticket (YFN-5447).

The only way around is to change the dataset or chart size but again its all what chart renderer decides is best automatically and there is very little we can do to change that except re-write the renderer which we are planning for a future release and don't know ETAs yet.

Hopefully this information helps and I am sorry that I couldn't give you a full proof solution of the date cutting off. I will provide any updates if there is any from the dev team on the task (YFN-5447) and in the meantime please let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with.

Warm regards,


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