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Santosh Pawar shared this idea 2 years ago
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Can we have a way to view dashboards on the mobile. I know the screen is small, but even the old app had a way to see which reports were on the dashboard which is better than nothing.

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Thanks for reaching out with your suggestion Santosh.

I know this request has been raised a few times, and while I know it's very difficult to have a dashboard be readable on such a small screen, sometimes we can work magic ;)

I'll keep you posted on further updates, though at this point in time there are no immediate plans to support this.





Has there been any movement on this request since January 2022? We also require this functionality please.


Hi Marile,

Good day!!

I'm stepping on behalf of David who has left the Yellowfin support. Currently this request is with development team. I will add your company to the impacted list in Jira and will increase the Jira priority. Once I hear anything from development team I will keep you posted here.


Hari Teja.

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