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Hi Team,

We have a customer who would like to have options to export dashboards in various formats. Yellowfin currently only supports dashboards exports via pdf.

The most important is actually going to be Word; there is one client that was planning to have all their monthly report charts come from YF and they would then export them to word and put them directly into their monthly report template. There are about 32 charts which we were previously able to export in 3 batches of 8 but now they would have to export each one individually which is very impractical.

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Hey Kevin,

I hope you are well!

Just to let you know, we do have an enhancement request for this - The community idea post is linked here <

The post linked will provide updates on the feature for exporting Dashboards to DOCX

If you give the post a 'like' you will be subscribed to receive future updates regarding the idea

& I have also gone ahead and added your company as another client requesting this feature within the development task :)

Since this is a duplicate, I will go ahead and mark this one as closed - but please make sure to 'like' the post I have linked above to receive future updates regarding this!

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