Dashboard Chart Size Defined in Charts Tab

Larry Beasley shared this idea 6 years ago

Wouldn't this be a great idea? The ability to define the size of the chart that would display in the dashboard in the 'Charts' tab. That way, when I design the report, I could display a full size chart when the user clicks the plus button from the dashboard. Right now, the size of the chart in report design is also the size of the chart displayed in the dashboard. If that does not seem feasible then certainly a separate 'Dashboard' tab in order to design the dashboard would be nice. If I have 5 charts to display, it would be nice to specify that only 1 or 2 charts display in the dashboard.

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Hi Larry,

It is a great idea, though I thought we already did this?

See examples below and attached images.


However, multi-charts do not re-size as they're a different ball game.

In saying all of this, we are in the process of revamping the dashboard creator/layout in v8, so has more of a free-form layout, though unsure how this impacts what you're after.

Please let me know if I'm missing something here.



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