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Mahesh Thatipamula shared this idea 7 years ago


I'm working on silent installation of Yellowfin 7.2 and using file to configure user options and post-installation properties. I'm using the list of available options from here but I cannot find in this list the parameters like password configuration, enabling Client Organization functionality, using emails or user names as logon ID and so on. Is there any updated list of the available options? If not if the any plan to extend the current one or any other way to automate the Yellowfin installation process?

Thank you very much,

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Hi Luba,

Thanks for your patience. I got an update for you.

There are no

parameters to configure these items, password configuration and enabling client organization.

These parameters are

configured via SQL query directly against the DB, which can be bundled up with

a custom installer.

I don't believe this will ever change as these

options are stored in the DB, and writing a query would be the easiest and best


Please let me know if you have any questions.




We have logged the idea for the installer properties to include

- The Ability to set password configuration h

- The Ability to set password configuration

There is not much of a point to allow you to enable client orgs, as you will still need to create them via the UI, and the ability to turn on LDAP is not a good idea without validation.

These 2 items were not raised.

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