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Larry Beasley shared this question 3 months ago

How do I use them? We recently had an outage and because of this links to URL were hosed. Those affected had to change all their reports to reflect the links. The challenge is, YellowfinBI is not installed in the same sub-domain as the rest of the application. Therefore relative(local) links are not possible.

For example, given a "Link to URL" column, previously the link would have been:

We had some issues with the reports sub-domain, so we moved reports to reports2. This breaks the link so in order to fix this the field needs to be changed to :

When the reports server issue is resolved and things are moved back to that sub-domain, the report is broken again.

I'm thinking that Custom Parameters can fix this but the Wiki lacks use-case examples:


Please provide an example here and update the Wiki.

Best regards

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Hi Larry,

Thanks for reaching out. I agree we should have more public-facing documentation regarding this, and I will request for this to happen, but in the mean time I do have an example from internal documentation:

Custom Parameter is used in report builder via Link to URL option.

Use: We can store a URL or a part of URL as a parameter in Yellowfin and use that parameter in the report instead of adding the URL in every report

1.Go to Admin Console --> Configuration --> System tab --> Custom Parameters

Give variable name : eg : TESTPARAM

Give the link: eg:

2.Click on '+'

3. Save it.

4. Create a report. Drag and drop dimensions and metrics. Go to Format option of any of the columns

5. Change Format to "Link to URL"

4. Give the URL:


Parameter should be given as: ${parameter}

5. Click on the 'X' to save it5. Now Booking Method is displayed as hyperlink.

6. When we hover over it, we can see the URL is shown at left bottom

7. If we click o the data, it navigates to the URL


ed52224518517b707b40b51ce00d98976f5aaa79be06c0e160f8772a01192872Hopefully this helps!

Please let me know if you have any other questions on this as you're going through it.

Regards, Mike


Mike, this is terrific! You can just ask someone to copy and paste your excellent tutorial, IMO. I spoke with someone that tried this and it mostly worked out for them. They believe that they have a syntax error but stated that trying to also pass the column value by adding ## did not work. Perhaps that's a caveat to using custom parameters, you cannot also pass in the column value. If that's the case then this won't work for my partners. Still a great tutorial!


Hi Larry,

Thanks for your response. I've reached out to the appropriate party about adding this to our Wiki.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or if we're okay to close this case out for now then.

Regards, Mike



This does resolve the issue but I wanted to confirm if ## works along with custom parameters or not.


Hi Larry,

Sorry about that. I can confirm this does not work in the Custom Parameters section. I've gone ahead and created an Idea post and submitted an enhancement request for this. You can reference the Idea post here.

Any potential updates regarding this will be posted there. As such, I'll go ahead and Resolve this Question item.