Custom Column/Row Headings

sreenu shared this idea 2 years ago
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We are looking to have the options of being able to customise individual column/row headings as opposed to the options set in the content settings for doing this as a whole.

We have established that this can’t be done per value nor can this be achieved through CSS as this is the same for each value.

NOTE: This relates specifically to cross-tab reports, although having this implemented full stop will be appreciated.

Would it be possible to have this option at report level?



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Hi Sreenu,

Thanks for the detailed info!

What you've requested seems like a reasonable idea and has been logged in our system.

It's worth noting though, that we have not yet committed to implementing this feature, as it will still need to be reviewed by the product team at a later date.

If however there was anything else you were after in the meantime, please let us know!