Creating Reports - Prompting users to create a sub-content folder at beginning of report creation process

Paul Dandurand shared this idea 10 months ago
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We would like to prompt the user when they click the create report button, that they need a folder and subfolder set up if they plan to save the report. The popup would allow them to continue, but at least they know before investing time creating the report. I had spent time building the report and chart only to find a simple message saying "not content folder".

NOTE: As it stands if we create just the Content Folder - we CAN create reports, however, saving we can not until we have a Content Sub Folder created.

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Hi Paul,

I know what you mean because in fact what you describe has happened to me! (More than once unfortunately). So I have created an enhancement request for this Idea and will let you know whether it gets accepted or not by the product team when they get around to reviewing it.

I think another way around this problem would be for a default content folder and subfolder to be created whenever a new client org is created, so I have added this suggestion to the enhancement request just in case.

By the way, this reminds me - if you are creating the new client orgs programmatically (via web services) then you yourselves could implement this by programmatically importing an export file that contained a folder and subfolder every time you created a new client org.