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As I understand correctly the workflow in YellowFin is as follows: databaseconnection > view > report > dashboard. This works oke but after working some time with YellowFin I miss the option to create multiple outputs (tab design) from one report.

Let me explain...

I am working on a dashboard with about 14 visualisations on it. I end up with 14 reports I have build although many reports are based on the same dataset (more or less). Why I decided on creating 14 reports is when I add multiple charts to one report I have to put them on the design tab in one design page. When I do that I loose all intelligent resizing.

When I have a dashboard with one report with multiple charts in a design then resizing the dashboard keeps the original size. So if the originel design in the report is like half-dashboard size then on a full screen it looks small. On the other side when the original design is full-dashboard width then on a smaller screen you are missing a part of the chart.

For this reason I decided on using 14 reports. If I add each of these to the dashboard resizing the dashboard also resizes the reports on the dashboard. That is the behaviour I want.

But managing the 14 report is more cumbersome that one report.

I would like to see the option to add charts to different designs within one report. A little bit like adding multiple queries to the data part of the report.

When adding a report to a dashboard you should get a selection dropdown for which design you want to add (if more than 1). If must then off course be possible to add a report multiple times to a dashboard.

This way the folders are not littered with reports and smart solutions in the data part of a report can be used with multiple designs in one report. Think calculated fields, ect.

Maybe an alternative solution is possible. If so, let me know :-).



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Hi JeRoen,

Thanks for reaching out with your question.

As I gather, you would like the ability to add multiples of the same report, with different visualizations, to a dashboard; currently this gives you an error -


Alternatively, you'd like to see a dialogue that allows you to choose from the visualizations (as seen in bottom of the second image here).

I tried to re-create your issue to get a better grasp. As an example, I created a report with different visualizations in the chart builder-


I then added these to a canvas in Design - however this design is static -


The size of this canvas remains the same when I add to a dashboard - if I make the charts wider than the dashboard they are cut off -



There'd be the alternative possible idea of allowing a canvas to be automatically resized based on the dashboard configuration.... but I don't think that's as useful of a solution as your initial idea. I checked our developer platform for any similar functionality requests and didn't find anything in progress.

Does it sound like I have fully understood your request? If so, would you like to proceed with creating an enhancement request to developers, that would allow multiple charts from the same report to be added to a dashboard?




Hello Eric,

Thanks for looking into this. As mentioned the work-around is to have in my case 14 seperate report to show on the dashboard so that works fine.

You got it right. In your example you let the chart flow after the Dashboard width mark and I did not. But even then the chart is cut off when for example you look to the dashboard on a half screen or smaller windows so the problem is indeed the same.

I just wanted to address the issue because as we will be having 1000+ endusers we can expect all kinds of screensizes used to look at the reports and intelligent resizing is important then.

In addition to your final remark I would add that when having multiple charts in a report and no design defined (which now creates an empty report) the first chart should be shown with the autosizing as when you have only one chart in the report. If a dropdown box (kind of like a filter) with the other charts could be automatically/optionally added somehow that would be amazing.

You then could have multiple charts (viewpoints) for the data with a dropdown to select another without taking to much space on your dashboard.

To explain on the dashboard I mentioned are about 4 unique sets of data but with different viewpoints. Like number of patients per hospital or per year or per registry (in all three cases comparing with the other values.

One dataset but 3 charts that show the data from a different viewpoint.

I know you are working on some re-design of the dashboard functionality. If this kind of issues are taking into account a seperate improvement would not be needed but if not please add one. I think the static size when using multiple charts on a design is something more people run into but as a work-around (non optimal imho) is available they might not mention it.




Hi JeRoen,

Thanks for the clarification here. I have gone ahead and submitted an enhancement request to developers for the functionality you are seeking. Updates to the task will be provided here as they are available. I will in turn mark this ticket as Idea Logged; feel welcome to reply here with further related inquiries.