Could minor changes to freehand SQL query preserve existing charts?

Sam shared this problem 3 years ago

I often create charts whose data source is a freehand SQL query. Any subsequent change to that SQL erases all of the charts I've made, no matter how minor. Just now I added a "WHERE mydate > '2018-04-01'" line to filter out a few bad records -- and that simple filtering addition erased my charts I'd built this afternoon.

I get that if the data fundamentally change, some charts will change too, like the warning says: "Changing the SQL for this report may result in some formatting options being removed." But it would be a big time-saver if, when the resulting columns are the same, changing the SQL did not erase the charts.

If there's something I'm missing now that I could be doing to save my charts, I'd love to know that too.



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Hi Sam,

Thanks for reaching out to us on this. I have replicated this using the Advanced Authoring option to create a report from FreehandSQL directly. Is this how you are creating these?

From my testing, if you were to create a View, either using FreehandSQL or a Virtual Table, then changes to that SQL does not result in a loss of the charts, which may be a more robust option for you.

In addition to this I have raised a task for our developers to look at and see if this is something that could be resolved in a future release.




Correct, that's how I'm creating this report. I will try creating a View as an intermediate step, thank you for that suggestion - I don't need the View for other reports, so it felt leaner to just do the FreehandSQL, but if that gives me the ability to edit the SQL without clobbering the report then that's definitely more robust.

Thanks, Neal, for the alternative workflow and for raising this with the developers!



Hello Sam,

Greetings for the Day!

Our Product team has confirmed that the reported issue has been fixed in Yellowfin versions 9.7.3 and 9.8. Please check and let us know if you require any additional assistance.


Sri Vamsi

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