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Larry Beasley shared this idea 5 years ago
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I would like an option to copy reports that are tied to a view at the time of copying a view. I currently have a view that I do not want to change in order to accommodate a similar report. In fact, the new report will be nearly exact to an existing report. In order to not reuse the view for both reports, I could copy the view and then recreate the report from scratch. I'm proposing an ability to also duplicate the reports when copying the view. So, if I have 5 reports tied to ViewA, when I make a copy: ViewA (copy) then at that time I'm asked if I would like to make a copy of the reports. This way, the 5 new reports would be tied to ViewA (copy). If this isn't possible, I would love to be able to change the view for a report.

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Hi Larry,

Thanks for reaching out to support with your idea, and a good one at that! It looks like the only way to change the view a report is associated with at this time is by going through the import process, which would be a lengthy workaround, especially if multiple reports were involved.

I have gone ahead and raised an enhancement request to "provide the option of copying dependent reports when a view is copied." I've attached this ticket to the request and included your organization as an affected client. Updates will be provided here as they are available. I will in turn mark this as Idea Logged, feel welcome to reply here with related inquiries.



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