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Peter Ruth shared this idea 7 years ago
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Please provide ability to set system default independent header and footer styles.

Using the Content Setting->Report Settings->Styles->Header & Footer->Text only allows for a single font, size, colour for BOTH header and footer.

Generally the header will have larger coloured fonts and the footer will have small plain fonts in our client's reports.

We require the ability to set the default from here and allow different styles to be applied individually, the same as can be done through the individual report UI.

This is for corporate styling so users don't need to do this for individual reports (or prevents them from changing the 'approved' style).

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Hi Pete,

Thanks for the feedback, yup this makes complete sense and has been added to the enhancement list for product review.

Will post any updates here, but at this point in time nothing has been planned as yet.




Hi David,

Ok thanks.



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