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Nick Eddy shared this idea 5 years ago
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Hi Team,

I have multiple series in a scatterplot chart. Each series is based on combination of two fields - product name and one or many associated dispenser numbers. End result is like: "Product A - 1,2" or "Product B - 3".

Charts don't allow multiple fields in the Colour section, so to create a series label I have to combine these fields into a single value (calc field or in DB query).

I have setup Org reference codes for product name to display them as consistent colours in charts. The issue here is that the addition of the dispenser number to the series label means that the org reference codes will not match.

For my situation there can be numerous combinations of product and dispenser number, so approx 500 combinations across 10+ products. I could generate these and load via CSV, but it would be nice to have either:

- flexible ref codes (wildcards, regex) to do partial matches


- separate fields for series (label) and colour in charts


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Just a follow up for anyone else with this problem - as a workaround I have:

  • set scatterplot to use product name as Colour field so ref code colours are used
  • set scatterplot legend display to "NONE"
  • created a custom JS chart legend so I can match ref code colours with a different field as the label I want
  • positioned the scatterplot and legend chart side by side on canvas to mimic the normal legend

The only real downside is that I have to allow extra space on canvas for longer legend items (perhaps some more tinkering with D3 will solve this).

Example (in canvas design):


Hi Nick,

Thanks for posting your workaround. I do have some good news for you, which should help you out.

In the upcoming 7.4.8 coming late Dec (that's what we're aiming for) you should get a 'colour' option for dimensions :)

At the moment the only way to do that is to make it a cross-tab, or use an auto-chart.

As for an option to have fuzzy logic for reference codes, I've gone ahead and logged that as an idea. Something that will need to be reviewed at a later date.

Hope this gives you some hope in the meantime :).




Hi Nick,

Hope you've been well.

Just wanted to let you know this item has been reviewed. Unfortunately we're not too sure how this can be implemented in a way that does not cause further complications in terms of configuring and it then being displayed.

E.g. What happens to series tooltips, and columns formatted with this reference code?

It almost sounds like what you're after is a way to group series by a 'top level' group, which we think should probably be handled at a data level, and not a chart level.

Though happy to bring this back up with the devs, just need some detailed info on how you would expect it work in the charts, report table, reference code configuration. Essentially a basic spec on the feature you're after and how it will be used.

Sorry for the additional questions on this.


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