Connection problems through proxy

Joan Poblet shared this question 3 years ago


We have two sets of users that connect to our YF server through their internal networks which have a proxy. In this cases, they face several problems:

- The response time of YF is very slow even when their network and our YF server are running fast in any other condition.

- YF web crashes, the "running" circle that is displayed when YF is executing something doesn't disappear from the screen and it is necessary to close the YF browser window and log on again.

We don't have access to their proxies. So, we would like to know:

1. if there are any best practices regarding this topic, like "open this ports, allow this urls, ips, protocols and so on.

2. if there is any test that either the IT department of the users on their side or us in our side could do in order to point out the problem.

Many thanks.

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Hello Joan,

Web proxies can be troublesome things, especially if you are experiencing slowness!

Can we ask you to ask the remote people to get some information for us?

1. using the command line, ping your yellowfin server and send us the results

2. using the command line, use tracert (or equivalent) to your yellowfin server and send us the results

3. check their DNS settings on both the clients and on the proxy, screenshots would be helpful

This will help determine where this issue lays and if we can help resolve this for you.

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Hi Peter,

First of all, many thanks for your help.

We have just asked the remote people for this information. I will give it to you asap.

Thank you.

Best Regards,