Condition to create a new user group via REST API

Junya Fujiyoshi shared this question 16 months ago

When a user group is created from Administration console, group member is a required field; meaning cannot create a member-empty user group.

Likewise, when a User Group is created via webservice, as described in CREATEGROUP part of the below Wiki page, group member is a required field.

Meanwhile, when a user group is created via REST API, group member is NOT a required filed as described in ReDoc, and a member-empty group can be created.

However, once this group is opened from GUI, cannot save without adding a member.

Considering the above factors, member-empty group can be created only via REST API, while it is not possible from GUI or via webservice

Is this by design?

Detail steps are described in attached.

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Hi Junya,

I hope you're doing well.

I can ask Peter Damen for you with regards to these design-type questions, but you might receive a faster response by contacting him directly. He'll likely know a bit more as to why this works in the way it does. His email is

Kind regards,



Thank you Chris,

I will directly reach out to Peter via Teams chat!




No worries Junya!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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