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Karthik Kannan shared this problem 5 years ago

Hi Yellowfin Team,

I created a CrossTab (Matrix) report in yellowfin. i concatenated Column values with New Line Character in Database and tried giving empty space between the words in Database level and also tried in Yellowfin Calculated Field, But Yellowfin truncating the empty spaces. So in the above mentioned 3 ways, not able to display the column heading in multiple rows.

For Example:

if i Concatenated 'USA' + CHAR(13) + '(USD)' like this

OR 'USA' + ' ' + '(USD)' then in Yellowfin Column Heading Should be like the following

But not able to achieve this, Client asking to display column headings like this for their amount columns, since it is a numeric columns we can't control the column width by fixing the column width size.
How to achieve this ?
Please refer the screenshot for more information.
Thanks & Regards,
Karthik K

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Hi Karthik,

Unfortunately Yellowfin's display layer here is not designed to show escape characters, so this will not be possible without setting a custom column width.

I have created the following idea ticket for this request:

Sorry for the trouble!



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