Column Headers are not included in export/broadcast when no data is returned

Jonathan Sunassee shared this idea 2 years ago
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Currently, when a report is exported or broadcasted the column headers are not included in the file (PDF/XLS/CSS etc) if there is no data returned by the report. In this case you instead see the text 'No results returned.'.

The file that is currently exported/broadcast would need to be fed into another external process with the column headers present, even if there is no data shown.

It would be good to have an option to allow for a toggle within the system to show or hide column headers for exported/broadcasted files with no data

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Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for posting your product idea, we love to hear about new ways we can make the product even better and easier to use.

We review ideas each month and work with the Community to help encourage feedback to rank suggestions that we can present to our product team for review. Not all ideas make it into the product roadmap but all ideas lead to some new thinking for our team.

Keep sharing and as soon as the status changes on your post you will know if we have moved your idea into our product roadmap or a status of 'not planned'.


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