Co-Display Filter Not Applying After Initial Load

Jason Kaczmarek shared this problem 5 years ago

I have a parent report based on a procedure and a co-display child report based on freehand SQL. Both have a date filter. Upon initial load, the child filter applies properly. However, subsequent changes of the parent filter are not applied to the child report. The child report appears to refresh; however, the new filter value is not applied. If I move the child report to a tabbed display, everything works fine. (v7.4.8)


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Hi Jason,

I have checked this and it does indeed not update as you have suggested. I have also checked this with our DEV team and it is currently a known bug, which has been logged with them to look at and fix. I have no ETA on this defect being fixed, but I will certainly update you with any information on this once I know more. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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