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Itamar Steinberg shared this idea 5 years ago
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Currently in a multi-tenancy environment, groups can be created within a client organisation.

These groups can then be visible at the default level, and can be used to apply security to content categories/sub-categories.

Unfortunately, these groups cannot be applied anywhere else in the default level, such as using client groups to set up report broadcasts at the default level.

For example, an administrator may wish to send out a report to multiple clients at the same time, or set up a broadcast.

Currently they would have to log into each separate client organisation and set up the broadcast there. For clients with 100s of clients this could be very time-consuming.

This ability to use client groups at the default level would also be beneficial to the sharing of the new Story content to large numbers of users.

Could client groups be enabled at the default level to allow the above processes?



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Hi Itamar,

thanks for your Idea, we will let you know whether it gets approved or not in due course when the product team get around to assessing it.





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