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Ivan Dolinin shared this idea 2 years ago
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we need to build a report with a chart that uses customized axis label. On the following chart, the Y axis is distance, but instead of actual distance values, the axis labels display stop names. For example, the following would be the relationship between stop name and stop distance:

Stop Name | Stop Distance

Stop 1 | 0

stop 2 | 10

stop 3 | 30

stop 4 | 33

stop 5 | 48

stop 6 | 53

The following chart would use stop names to build the distance axis:


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Hi Ivan,

I've created a new idea post for this enhancement so that members of the Yellowfin Community can vote it up if they'd also like to see this implemented as a new feature.

I'll move this over to idea logged.

Kind regards,


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