Changing Underlying Yellowfin Database Type

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Hi All,

We are thinking of migrating the yellowfin database from MySQL to PostgreSQL in the near future. We have been with YF from the 6.0 version, up through 7.1 at the current state, and plan to migrate via 7.3+. What I am looking for is potential gotchas, or hangups that I might not have considered. Here are my notes/plan so far:

1. Client databases for data source connection remain on mysql

2. Install a fresh, full build of 7.3+ as a new PostgreSQL database

3. Export all content from original, 7.1 database, on a tenant by tenant basis (we are multi-tenancy), and import into the new 7.3+ instance [this is tentative]

The reason this is being considered is to consolidate our systems but also to rid ourselves of potentially bad data encumbered throughout time within the Yellowfin database.

My questions to you are:

1. Will there be any issues exporting content from a mySQL database and importing it to a PostgreSQL database?

2. I would like to carry over some things exactly (data sources, groups, users, favourites, personal dashboards

Is there a way we could bring over all Users and Groups, retaining everyones personal dashboards, favourites, etc. so that we do not disrupt users?

3. I don't believe Broadcasts are retained in an export--is that correct?

That's all I have for now but I would love to hear if you have had clients do this in the past, and what your general thoughts are on performing this change in order to rid bad data, knowing we will be exporting and importing.

Thanks :)

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One more question...

4. Is there a tool used to convert content written against one database type to another? We have serverl bits of content that is written against the MySQL yellowfin database that would need to somehow end up on the PostgreSQL yellowfin database.

Thanks again.



We have looked at your process and while it's time consuming, it's correct!

in answer to your questions:

1) There shouldn't be any issues with converting to Postgres from MySQL

2) Data sources & dashboards can be transferred, but groups, users, favouriteswill have to be recreated. Additionally, user dashboards would need to be defines on a per user basis

3) Broadcasts are not retained in an export in 7.1

4) Unfortunately, there are no conversion tools that we have that help with moving to a different database (Sorry!) it will have to be investigated statement by statement and fixed as issues are found.

I hope this helps,

Best regards,