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Vefa Gulecyuz shared this idea 4 years ago
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Hi guys, I have a problem with filters. I will try to explain it through an example.

I have a sales report of different products. I filter the sales revenues based on some condition. (i.e. sales greater than 5,000). As a result, I see a subset of products having this condition.

As a next step, I would like to use this subset of products as a filter in another report. For example I would like to show another report (as a codisplay) which will be filtered according to the products of the previous report.

The problem, this subset of products is not filtered on products, but on another field (sales).

Do you think this is possible with current infrastructure? (Using values of a field as a filter in another report)

If not, can you develop it? :)


PS: Actually my current use case is with Top N Advanced function. I show products with top N values. I would like to use the products as filter in another report.

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Hi Vefa,

Thanks for reaching out to support with your issue. I believe I was able to replicate this behavior with a simple Ski Team report -

Made a report with top n advanced function -


Made a second report, linked to report 1 as a co-display -


Report Showed Top N on master report but not co-display -


As opposed to a regular user prompt filter, that passed to the co-display report -


Could you confirm this is what you are experiencing, as well as the desired outcome in this case? If so, i can create a task for developers to look into this functionality.




Hey Eric, this is the exact same situation that I am facing.



Thanks for confirming, Vefa.

I've gone ahead and created a developer task to look into this possible software enhancement. As such, I will convert this public question to an Idea, and mark as Idea Logged. Updates to the task will be provided here as they are available. Feel welcome to "like" this idea for increased visibility, or reply here with further related inquiries.




Thanks Eric

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