Carriage Return in Column Names

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I am trying to work out how to do inset a carriage return in the columns of a report. Essentially we have the column name which is "Cost [£]", what we need to do is have the "[£] "shown under the "Cost"

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Hi Euan,

Just to let you know, I don't work for Yellowfin, I work for a Yellowfin partner.

This isn't in any means an elegant solution but it gets the desired results:


The column Display is just Total Balance [£] (No special characters).

In Report Formatting, make sure wrap text is on (You have to set Style to custom to see this option)


In column formatting set the column width: (You'll have to figure out the width required for your column name)



Thanks for the msg, I can see how that would work, but it might not be the best solution for our data (data values are longer than the column names in some case, so this could cause other issues) Still hoping that it can be done with the carriage return.


You can pad the column name with unicode blank spaces (Alt 255 on Windows, Option spacebar on Mac) to have a column that is wider than the column name. YF strips out normal spacebar spaces but allows the unicode characters.


You may also be able to use the unicode newline character, I can't test this, I've got a Mac & it doesn't have an input method for unicode newline. On windows there's Alt 010 or 013 (Full List:


Hey Euan,

I hope you are well!

If you would prefer not to use custom style in the column & row heading settings - Would you possibly consider using custom CSS ?

Here is a link to our wiki where there are instructions on how to configure your CSS

And also to get a more specific example > someone in the team has already created an example of the line break for a column row (not the header) linked here - However, the general steps are the same and you should only need to highlight the intended area of restyling and select 'inspect' on the right click to find the correct class.

Let me know your thoughts on this and if you end up giving it a try :)

Best Wishes,