Cannot login to mobile app - Unexpected 'doctype' token

Yellowfin FAQ shared this problem 4 years ago

Have downloaded the latest Yellowfin mobile app, and getting the following error when trying to login:

Authentication Denied

'doctype' is an unexepected token. The expected token is 'DOCTYPE'. Line 1, position 3.


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You will get this message if you're trying to connect the Yellowfin mobile app to a Yellowfin server running 8.0.2 or older.

8.0.3 is a requirement for the latest mobile app so you will need to upgrade to Yellowfin 8.0.3 in order to use the app against your server.

Alternatively, fill out the form on our page over here and gain access to one of our demo servers. This will allow you to trial the app against our demo data set.

If still have issues, or further questions, please let us know.


The Yellowfin Support Team.

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