Can Yellowfin connect to Microsoft Azure SQL Database and HDInsight as data sources.

Mukesh Kumar Barick shared this question 2 years ago

Hi Team,

Are the following certified as Yellowfin's data sources?

  1. Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  2. HDInsight

If Yes, then how to establish the connectivity? Do we require Third-Party Connectors to connect to these data sources?


Mukesh Barick

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Hello Mukesh,

Thanks for getting in touch with Yellowfin!

Microsoft Azure SQL Databse is natively supported by Yellowfin and is available in the dropdown list when creating a datasource.

HDInsight does have some JDBC compatibility microsoft's documentation is here:

however, it is not installed by default as an option for Yellowfin.

We have some (older but stll relevant) documentation about how to add a Generic JDBC driver connection here:

Please let us know ifyou need any further help or assistance!

Best regards,