Can Yellowfin connect to IBM Cognos Cube?

David Registro shared this question 4 years ago

I have a cube created in IBM Cognos, how can I connect to it via YF?

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Unfortunately IBM Cognos have their own meta layer which is not something that can be read outside of Cognos.

So you will not be able to connect to the Cognos cube directly from within Yellowfin,

However, the good news is that, these cubes would have been built off a database, so you should be able to connect directly to that database from within Yellowfin.

It does mean you won't have your cube natively in YF, though you can build a YF view off the underlying data and design it how you like with the addition of security and sharing capabilities.

If you have further questions, or running into any problems, please reach out to the Yellowfin Support Team.