Can we have an advanced function update the column's name depending on the data on the first row

Simon Barby shared this idea 4 years ago
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For example, if our column was Country and the first row of data for this column was 'Sweeden' then the column's heading would be 'Country : Sweeden'. If the first row container 'New Zealand' then the column's heading would be 'Country : New Zealand'.

The issue we have is that Yellowfin calls the getColumnHeading method BEFORE calling any functions related to data values. In our testing we had used preAnalyticFunction method in setting a dynamic text variable based off the first row of data but that function was called AFTER the getColumnHeading method.


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Hi Simone,

Thanks for reaching out with your requirement.

I've logged this Enhancement Request internally on your behalf and will update you on any changes.

In the interim if I could understand your report requirement, there might be another way to get the results you're after.

Are you really just trying to rename a column header, and in these cases could we opt for a text widget on the canvas etc..

Happy to organise a remote session if easier to show.



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