Can I add a text widget to a static layout dashboard?

Sam shared this idea 2 years ago
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I'm trying to add a text widget to a static layout dashboard. There are a couple of places on the YF wiki that say this should be possible, but when I click "Widgets" I just get this:


Is there a way I can add a text widget in this case?

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Ah I see, thanks - that solution worked for me just as you described. Here's what I had seen on the wiki that made me think text widgets could be used on static layout dashboards: "Objects such as reports, filters and text widgets can be added to these [dashboard static] layouts."

On this page it says Text can be added to Canvas & Layouts:

And then here "Text widgets" does not have the asterisk denoting it can be used only on a Canvas layout:

Feature request: It would be great if text widgets could be added to static dashboard layouts. I decided it's not worth redoing my dashboard as a canvas just to get this footnote in here, I'll skip it in this case and now I know for building my next one.



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