Call Transformation Flow from another Transformantion Flow

VisionBI | Jurgen shared this idea 3 years ago
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I've a large set of data to import into Exasol, it's to large to do it in 1 transaction, so I broke it in different DTF's to have a smaller commit size. It would be nice to call a DTF from a DTF, so if one is finished, the next one starts automatically. Also it would be nice to branch, so if situation A occurs then DTF A fires, if B occurs than DTF B fires.

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Hi Jurgen,

Thank you for suggesting this idea. We currently have an existing enhancement request which would encompass yours here as it is requesting the following abilities:

  • kick off an ETL job from an external scheduler
  • kick off another ETL job when that job is finished
  • when that job is finished kick off housekeeping jobs
  • when that is finished run a set of scheduled reports

  • With the above in mind, I have added this idea to that existing enhancement and I will keep you updated as this is reviewed further and if it comes into future versions.



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