Calculated field wont allow me to close the brackets

Siim Neljandik shared this problem 5 years ago


I have created a calculated field and the WHEN calculation wont allow me to close the brackets. It will allow me to save the when-then statement, however the rest of the calculated field fails because of a bracket mismatch.

The structure of the calculated field when it is not letting me add a ")":

( Dimension1 BETWEEN 'X' AND 'Y' AND Dimension2 = XXX ) OR Dimension1 BETWEEN 'XX' AND 'YY' OR Dimension1 BETWEEN 'XXX' AND 'YYY' OR Dimension1 BETWEEN 'XXXX' AND 'YYYY' OR ( Dimension1 BETWEEN 'XXXXX' AND 'YYYYY' AND Dimension1 NOT IN ( 'XXYXX' , 'YXXXX' )

As a workaround I will replace the "NOT IN" with two != conditions however this issue might cause bigger problems later on in different reports.

All the best

Siim N

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Hi Siim,

I have replicated this issue and can confirm that it will not allow you to add a right bracket at the end of the statement when using the NOT IN Operator contained within an existing bracket.

I have logged this as a defect and can advise of any updates when I hear from the Dev team, however in the mean time the work around does work for you, but as you mentioned this may cause issues down the track so I have also mentioned this in the Dev ticket. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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