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Vicky shared this idea 6 years ago
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Can we implement a way to edit in bulk daily scheduled tasks from 'Schedule Management'?

Depending on Prod vs Dev, we have different ETL times and I have to manually edit filter refreshes depending on the environment.

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Hello Vicky,

Thanks for submitting this Idea. I feel this would be a beneficial feature and have logged this as an Enhancement Request for future development. I'll keep this post updated as to any further information regarding whether this is chosen for development and when it may be implemented if so.

In the meantime, I've devised a work around that would allow for bulk updating via SQL Query against the Yellowfin Config DB.

When running any queries directly against the Yellowfin Configuration Database it's possible to cause irrevocable data loss. This process isn't directly supported nor recommended unless otherwise advised to do so. Before running any queries against your Yellowfin Configuration Database, please make sure you have full, up-to-date backups of both your Yellowfin Configuration Database and your Yellowfin Installation folder. This way, if something goes wrong you can revert back to your current state. If you aren't comfortable with issuing SQL queries, or know if your database is properly backed up please contact your local System or Database Administrator for assistance.

The 'TaskSchedule' table houses tasks, such as the refresh cached filter task. The following query will show you all relevant filter refresh records:

SELECT ScheduleSubjectCode, LocalTimeZoneCode, FrequencyTypeCode, ScheduledLocalRunTime FROM TaskSchedule WHERE ScheduleSubjectCode='FILTERREFRESH';

The 'ScheduledLocalRunTime' is a value of seconds from midnight, and dictates at what hour a task will run. Note that this is in accordance to the 'LocalTimeZoneCode' value.

Ensure that all of the records pulled up from the query above are the ones you'd like scheduled, and a query such as the following will change the time accordingly:

UPDATE TaskSchedule SET ScheduledLocalRunTime=900 WHERE ScheduleSubjectCode='FILTERREFRESH';

This will set ALL Filter Refresh tasks to 12:15 AM, or 900 seconds from 12:00 AM. You can calculate this accordingly, i.e. 61200 will be 5:00 PM or 17:00.

Please do not take lightly the full back-up disclaimers when working with the Configuration Database.



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