Bulk Role update for Users in Yellowfin

Abhijeet Teli shared this idea 7 years ago
Not Planned

Hi Team,

Currently if we need to change user role, I'll need to change one by one for all users, This approach is ok for small user base but couple of our customers has very large user base spread across multiple Regions connected with centralized System.

So its very hard for admins to change roles of Thousands of users one by one. It would be great if we have option which will update the User roles in Bulk manner.

It will save whole lot of efforts for Administrators.



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Thanks Abhijeet, we will review as discussed.

Could you help by defining what bulk change actions you would like to change? This would help in our review and estimates. Thanks


Hey Lee,

Currently we are just struggling with Role Change.

As you know our Yellowfin instance is tightly integrated with our Legacy application, All yellowfin users gets created via webservice and while creating new user we provide default role as Report Consumer,

Now Administrator will analyze the user base and prepares a list with corresponding role. but pain point is Admin has to go one by one for each user and couple of our customers has very large user base so it will be very time consuming task.

Hope you got the requirement.




Hi Abhijeet,

So I've spoken to the product team on this, and can confirm this is not something we have currently planned.

Reason being, if you want to bulk change user roles, it's probably easier to just change the existing role functions themselves.

There are however 2 other methods to do what you're after fairly easily.

You're best option is to modify the column 'RoleCode' in the 'StaffMemberRole' table.

This code matches an existing role in your system.

Then after the change, you restart YF and you're done!

The alternative is to use webservices, but that is a bit of extra work.

Hope this suffices.



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