Bug: Stacked Area Chart Series Opacity Lost on Export/Import

Philipp U. shared this problem 3 years ago
Defect Fixed

Hi Yellowfin Community,

Just reporting a bug that has been causing me some trouble: (Using Yellowfin 9.4.2)

If you create a report and add a stacked area chart, add some fields, then set the opacity for the series, like below:


This will switch back to "Auto" when the report is exported and then imported. Expected behaviour would be that it sets to 100% opacity like I selected when importing the report.

Fairly minor but has been leading to a lot of additional manual work in deployments. Hope that this can help to improve the product!

Kind regards,


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Hi Simon,

Thanks for the quick reply. Glad to hear you were able to replicate it! Not a huge problem definitely, but it becomes a bit tedious when dealing with deployments to many clients, all good on my end otherwise :)

Kind regards,


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