Broadcasts - Option to edit-add-delete the recipients via schedule management

Gadi Glogowski shared this idea 7 years ago
Not Planned

Looking to have the option to edit, add, delete the recipients within a created Broadcast at schedule management.

As it stands the only options we have within a created Broadcast from looking within the Schedule Management are as follows:


To have this option would save time for users as they need to edit the report to modify these broadcast settings at the moment.



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Hi Gadi,

Unfortunately at this point in time the ability to configure the recipient list via schedule management is not currently planned.

You will need to open the respective report/broadcast to edit the list.

Sorry for the bad news on this.




Hi David,

Understood this feature is not available at the moment. My understanding is that I am writing this topic under the "Idea" category which are used for potential enhancements to the product. Of course, YF has the final say if you want to add this suggested feature or not but this is my ask and it has the potential to be asked/wanted by other YF customers.

All I know is that our customers are asking for an easier way to manage the broadcasts from a centralize place to avoid having to go to each individual report to make changes.

My 2 cents.



So sorry for the radio silence!

I completely understand Gadi, and you're correct this is exactly what the 'ideas' are for.

Though to help manage expectations, we do need to notify when things are not planned.

However, in saying this, it doesn't mean it will never happen, just means at this point in time, we're not thinking about it.

But when we do revisit the broadcast feature, we will be listing all ideas,defects,questions and work out how best to incorporate everything. These ideas do not get ignored or deleted from the system.

Hope this puts your mind at ease :)



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