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Ingo Klose shared this idea 8 years ago
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I just came across a requirement from a business user. They would like to broadcast a report and get some information in the HTML part and want also to attach all the data as XSL or pdf.

I don't think ist is possible atm. But if have two ideas for the feature:

The first would be to create a co-display report and be able to define how each off the reports has to be added to the broadcast. Then you could use one for the HTML part and one to be attached.

The second idea would be to add additional reports as attachments to the broadcast, kind of like you add reports to tasks in 7.2.

What do you guys think?

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Ingo, thanks for the idea. I have asked Matt to review and provide some feedback. Cheers



As you mentioned the requested functionality is not currently available. We can take your ideas and add them to the potential enhancement ideas.

Would you be willing/able to elaborate on the business cases from the user? Any additional info or requirements will help our product team with the potential for the enhancement.



Hi Matt,

This requirement/idea came up during a Yellowfin demo from a Business Analyst who wants to provide reports via broadcast to the management of the company. She said what her managers would like, is an e-mail with some high level information such as yesterdays KPIs etc. in the body (as HTML) and then some more details in an attached report.

To some extend the same concept like in a get presented a high level overview and just open up the details when needed.

At the moment this is not a requirement of a customer, but as you mentioned, more a potential enhancement idea of a prospect. If this would become a show stopper for them in order to become a customer, I would inform you.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Ingo,

Thanks a lot of passing across the export/broadcast idea.

Unfortunately this request is not something that we currently have planned, or can see happening in the foreseeable future.

If you want multiple reports contained in the 1 broadcast, you would need to use the co-display option, or even a multi-chart. However the reports will be sent in the 1 file type,

The only way to get different reports with different file types, would be to create multiple broadcasts.

Another option could be to possibly FTP all your reports to an address, then have 1 person hit that folder each week and manually email the group of files.

If we do allow broadcasts of Storyboards/Dashboards in the future, this could also be something that could give the client what they were after.

Sorry for the bad news and please let us know if there was anything else we can help you with.

Thanks again for your idea, as we value all feedback and suggestions.



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