Broadcast check for disabled email in AD group before sending

John Del Forno shared this idea 2 years ago
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We currently have a situation where when we add a user to a subscription/schedule in YF and then when that user leaves our trust, they would still receive those subscriptions because we use multiple domain emails. These emails stay with the user, so if they go to another trust the email will get associated to that new trust’s domain and will still receive emails from our subscriptions. Should the email not be used for a period of 9 months or more then it automatically deletes, but should a user access their email account within the 9-month period, then from that day the 9-month timescale resets.

To address this issue, we manually remove those leavers from subscriptions in YF and SSRS on a monthly basis. This is a cumbersome task that could be automated.

The solution would be for us to convert to AD for logging into YF and using AD groups in YF, the intention would be that YF would detect a disabled account in the group that IT automatically implement when staff leave the trust and then not send subscription emails to that user. This then means that should the user continue to use their email on leaving this trust or if they retire for example and decide to access their email accounts within the 9-month period, then they would not have received our subscriptions as of the day they had their accounts removed.

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Hi John,

I hope all is well,

Mark here from the EMEA Support Region, as you are aware, this has been logged as an Idea with our development team, however no updates as of yet, although please check-in as and when you like. I will be happy to assist with this where I can.



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