Break line for null values in line charts

Ingo Klose shared this idea 7 years ago

Let's say you have a line chart and your data contains some null values, currently the line chart displays them as 0-points and continues the line. But I would like the points to be left out and the line to be broken. That is especially usefull for cohort analysis like tho following chart shows.


Right now the only work around in Yellowfin is to create a fake date field and use a time series chart, because those charts behave in that way...but unfortunately this workaroud comes with a different set of problems especially when using calculated fields.

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Hi Ingo,

This idea has been logged for future product discussion, there are no plans as yet so cannot provide an ETA, but believe it's a valid enhancement.




Hi Ingo,

I hope all is well,

It's been 7 years since this item was last looked at, with this I can confirm this was actually implemented;

Added an enhancement so that on line charts, both time series and categorical, the user can select for each chart whether null values should break the line, skip the value or treat null as zero.

Implemented within 7.3.



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