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tabitha shared this question 5 years ago

I am brand new to this software and need to know where to look for basic information to understand what reports i am building. Any suggestions?

I am trying to build reports, which on the face of it looks simple, but when choosing options it is isnt bringing back the data i was expecting. An example. I am looking at some milestones and have added a heading complete. Then duplicated this and made it a count heading and i was expecting to see 0 and 1 in the boxes but all it has done is count every row so each row has a 1 in it. What am i missing? am i miss reading something?

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Hello Tabitha,

Thank you for contacting Yellowfin

I have forwarded your request to Deltek to get in touch with you to help you through the building of your reports

please let us know if you have any issues with them contacting you.

Best regards,


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