Best practices for displaying text statuses?

Sam shared this question 3 years ago

I'm creating a Yellowfin Story that has some reports with charts but I also need to display many values that are one of a set of fixed project statuses: "Not Started", "On Track", "Completed", etc. I'm looking for examples of this done well or best practices to follow. The values will be uploaded in a .csv that I control.

Does anyone have advice or examples to share, either related to storing and retrieving the data or how to display it in an attractive way, with color-coding for instance? There will be accompanying text for the metric associated the status, for instance "Establish a baseline measure of customer satisfaction" might go with "In Progress."

I'd love to hear from anyone who can provide examples or guidance!


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Thanks Simon, I'll try out that Treemap chart strategy. And I think the number of data points is small enough that I could update them manually, and use text widgets. So those are both helpful tips!

I attended a Yellowfin Master Design Class with Tony Prysten and enjoyed his tips on dashboard design. He showed some exemplars and how they work well. If anyone has an example of a dashboard or Story showing use of text values, or other qualitative data, in a way that looks good, I'd enjoy seeing them.


Thanks for the additional idea and for submitting that enhancement request ticket!

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