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We are running a clustered multi tenancy setup, and have multiple customers each setup in their own client org. Currently we have an issue with a single faulty client org, due to user misconfiguration. This has rendered the client org unusable.

Restoring the configDB would indeed resolve the issue for the client, but this is not a viable solution for the remaining customers, since all their work up until last backup would be lost.

A native backup and recovery feature, where we would be able to backup and restore on client org level would realy solve a lot of headaches.

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Jan Bothmann

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Hi Jan,


Really sorry to hear about the client org becoming corrupt, and we're here to help you investigate directly if need be. We might be able to find ways to fix this for you. If you want us to look into this, please raise a private ticket with some detailed info and we will investigate further.

In terms of recovery, this is something we have discussed in the past, though no matter which way we look at it, backing up the DB is not something we're going to be able to handle from within the app.

There are some other options we're thinking like auto-exports, which can then be later referenced in an import etc.. which is ok for content, though exports do not contain system config/users .

As you can see there is a lot to think about when talking about recovery, and something we will continue to discuss until we can find a nice solution that works for most.

Will keep you posted on any updates.



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