Append sub-queries to SQL views timing out

Brendan Codrington shared this problem 4 years ago
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Hi, we deployed build 20191202 in early February and have since identified an issue with reports that use SQL views (most of our views are drag and drop). The reports timeout on running and if I edit the report and make any changes it kicks me out of the session.

We are yet to apply the 20191217 build, and note it addresses issues with editing SQL views, so is the behaviour I'm experiencing related or known, or something separate? Will the 20191217 patch resolve this?

For info, if I am able to get the code for that view (from within the report code, not the SQL view as this also times out), I can then recreate the SQL view as a virtual table which then runs and behaves as expected. This is the current workaround but then requires editing each report affected and redoing all config related to the SQL view.

I've also noticed that reports using an SQL view also have an old issue where row limits seem to be applied to each append sub-query, whereas this has been resolved for drag and drop views.

(Appreciate this may be hard to replicate etc and it will be difficult to extract logs related to this. Just curious to know if it has been identified/resolved or not.)


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Hi Simon, thanks for confirming. With the row limit issue, both drag and drop and SQL views were connected to a Generic JDBC data source. I'll include that in our internal notes of issues to retest once we apply the latest patch, as well as checking that these SQL views work again and can be edited. I'll sing out if I have any more issues post this.

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