Analytic setup - Link Data is not working with Top N Rank reports

Siim Neljandik shared this problem 5 years ago


When I added a data link to two reports in a dashboard the link is using data before the Top N rank is applied. This means that instead of the Top N being used in the linked data, all the values of the initial report are being used in the link.

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Hi Siim,

yes that makes sense to me because when you link data in the Analytic Setup on Dashboards you are in effect adding a WHERE clause to the report SQL that is then passed on to the JDBC driver and then on to the database which then sends the result set back.

However, an Advanced Function such as Top N is java code that is applied to SQL query's result set after it has been returned to Yellowfin from the data source.

The only way around the issue you are experiencing that I can think of is to do the ranking at the database level (rather than afterwards via the java of Advanced Functions) by using a Freehand SQL report and adding the database's own native rank function to the SQL in there. I also thought of truncating the report result set by using the "Active Row Limit" option in the Data screen of the report builder, however this just truncates without regard to size.

I hope this suggestion helps you meet your reporting requirements!



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