Allow the ability to adjust sub-total labels

sreenu shared this idea 5 years ago
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Currently sub-totals only display the name of the dimension they are aggregating over. It would be cool if we could adjust the display of this.

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Hi Screenu,

Thanks for the feedback.

Can you please give me a little more info on what you're trying to achieve and why. I'm hoping to find a nice way to achieve what you're after.




Hi David,

If we export this report in to CSV format, it will be difficult to identify the sub total rows (screenshot attached for reference). Since most of reports are used CSV format to export the reports.

I would like the naming for sub total should be with "Sub Total" (eg. 51520 Sub Total, 51620 Sub Total....)

Hope this is clarified your question. And i am expecting this option will be available soon.




Thanks Kalaiselvan for the extra info.

In terms of when it will be available, it's not something I can currently provide, though I can assure you once we have some updates I'll let you know.

Just a side note...

We find that people tend to rely on CSV exports when they're not getting the info they need from the report, so rather than focus on the CSV I encourage you to find out what exactly needs to be changed in the report so there is no need for further data manipulation. Hope this makes sense :)



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