Allow Spark Line Advanced Function to utilize Timestamp data formatted as Date at report level

Keith Wheldon shared this idea 3 years ago
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I am trying to create a Mini KPI report in version 9.

However, I am not able to select a Date Field (see below)


I can confirm that the Timestamp data does not work, but the Date field does. So, the vast majority of our data is driven by timestamp data format. So, if you can take a look at an enchancement for this then that would be great.

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Hi Keith,

Indeed, for your 'Original Date Time' field, I see it's formatted to be a Date in the report, but it if it's actually a Timestamp filed in either your View or database, this won't work. The reason this is important is because Timestamps are unavailable in the Spark Line Advanced Function intentionally for aggregation reasons. That said, I think this would be a valid enhancement and have gone ahead and submitted one for the Product Team to consider further. Any potential updates regarding this will be posted here.



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