Allow search in view builder to filter on schema name

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We use a lot of different schema's in our PostgreSQL database with (partially) the same table structure. So when building a view we see like 68 patient tables over all schema's. I can click on the little icon left below to see the schema names but they do not seem to be sorted on anything!

The search is only filtering on the table names. So I can filter on the table name and then manually select the right patient table from the correct schema but this is cumbersome and error-prone.

It would be (more then) nice if the search would allow to filter on a schema_name so all tables from a certain view would be presented. And if not then at least schema the schema_names sorted so it is easily to select the correct schema.

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Hi JeRoen,

Thanks for putting in your idea and it sounds like it could be a good enhancement. I have sent this request to the Dev team and if there is any movement on this, I will let let you know.



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