Allow Presentations to fit A4 and other standard export sizes

Edgar Kautzner shared this idea 11 months ago
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I'm currently working on a Presentation for a client, where Their use case is to recreate their 150 page retail analytics slide deck in Yellowfin for their customers.

They're having an issue with the scaling when exporting slides to PDF. As the slide dimensions are approximately 3:~5, they're different from the PDF dimensions (letter/A4) which is closer to 3:4.

As a result there is additional space on the export which is an issue for them.


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Hi Edgar,

Thanks for reaching out with your suggestion. I've logged this as an Idea for an Enhancement Request. Before becoming a request, ideas will be reviewed by our Product Team and chosen for Enhancements based on feasibility, level of positive impact to the user experience, and votes from the community.

This post will be updated with any future information relevant to this process.

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