Allow multiple reports\dasboards to be opened concurrently (via browser tabs).

Peter Warren shared this idea 5 years ago


Can you please look into the adding in the ability to open different reports and dashboards concurrently in different browser tabs. From a report developer stand point it would enable the developer to compare different reports\dashboards side by side to validate differences and compare changes.

Hope this makes sense, please let me know if you would like me to elaborate further.



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Hi Peter,

Thanks for reaching out. There's a pre-existing Idea and internal enhancement request for this:

Feel free to add a vote in that Community Idea above. I've also gone ahead and added you to the client list in our internal task of those who'd like to see this functionality.

Since this is a duplicate Idea I'm going to mark this as Completed. Please follow the above linked community Idea for any potential future updates regarding this.



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